Documents required for admission to 1.5-year and 10-month courses (a diploma is awarded)

1) application to the principal
2) certificate of secondary education
3) health certificate
4) residence certificate >
5) 9 3x4 size photos
6) citizenship passport or birth certificate with a copy of the certificate
7) information about the three backs (and in electronic form)
8) information about himself (and in electronic form)
9) a certificate of military enlistment or a military ticket (for boys)
10) certificate of last reading
11) copy of workbook (working for)

Documents required for admission for a period of 3-4 months (degree certificate)

1) application to the director,
2) copy of citizen's passport,
3) a copy of the certificate of secondary education,
4) 2 3 × 4 dimensions image,
5) information about himself,
6) information certificate (for those working).

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